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About Us

We are a team that brings together expertise in medical provider and billing investigations to ensure compliance and uncover abuse. Our passion to deliver multifaceted investigative services aligned us with law enforcement, government agencies, insurance carriers and employers.

We developed three effective ways to uncover abuse, which results in your ability to recover costs:

  • 1. S.I.T.E.™ service gives clients the ability to zoom in and out of claims to scope and target providers to be vetted.
  • 2. H.E.A.T.™ software allows clients to have a repository of information. A resource that provides historical background of providers' violations and abuses. It is an instant collation of data via web exchange.
  • 3. F.I.R.E.™ service deploys a specialized team of medical provider investigators to seek out suspected activities including fraud, abuse and financial interest.

We are a formidable force within the healthcare industry that is dedicated to serving our clients.